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2011 Pet Charity Giveaway

The votes have been counted... but first...

Thank you all for your input. It has been amazing to see the number of people in the pet community passionately supporting the charities that help those that can't help themselves. The blogging and facebook posts were tremendous.

And if your favorite charity didn't make it this year, keep checking back, I am sure we will be doing it again.

And the winners are...

First place: Blind Cat Rescue

Top 5 (after Blind Cat Rescue):

  1. Rikki's Refuge
  2. Cullen's Archangel RescuE, Inc. (CARE)
  3. CST - Pawz 4 Vets
  4. Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue
  5. Hope Animal Rescues

And the 2 winners of the random secondary drawings are:

CST (Pawz 4 Vets)

Rikki's Refuge

We will be contacting all three winners next week to make the donations.

Thanks again. And, if you can, please donate your time or money to your local animal charities.

See complete rules of contest

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