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We are not an online pharmacy.

We are not a pet pharmacy and we do not sell medications. We simply provide unbiased information to help you find cheap pet medication prices, usually at a 50% - 70% discount from what you would pay at your local vet.

We also cannot recommend medications for your pet. Please contact your local veterinarian to find the medication that is best for your cat or dog. Then use our site to find the cheapest price for that dog or cat medication.

Discounts on dog and cat medicines such as Frontline Plus for Cats, Frontline Plus for Dogs, Advantage 2, Advantage Multi, Rimadyl, and Heartgard Plus can be found online, and at cheap prices, but only if you know where to look.

Pet Meds Coupons

In our efforts to find you cheap pet med prices, we sometimes find coupons that are too good to pass up. We put the best on our pet meds coupons and codes page.

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